Report the police

On this page you can document controls, assaults and violence by the police.

You should describe from your perspective what happened.

Please fill in the document as accurately as possible:

  • Please write how we can contact you if necessary. It is possible to report anonymously. With a contact, however, we can offer help if necessary and inform you about current developments.
  • Where, on what day and at what time did the incident occur?

Detailed description:

  • How did it happen?
  • What were you doing at the time?
  • What happened to you?
  • What exactly was done to you?
  • How many people were there?
  • What accusations did the police make against you?
  • What were the consequences of police action?
  • Were you arrested? State the location of the police station, the reason for the detention and the duration of the detention.

If you have pictures, videos or audio files, you can also upload them as well.

    Um Video/Audio/Dokumente hochzuladen, bitte hier klicken:
    To upload videos/audios/documents please click here:



    What happens to your data?

    This data is collected and evaluated to get an overview of the current actions of the police. We think it is important that the police are collectively and publicly controlled, as the government has no interest in this.

    All the information you entered in the form will be sent to us by e-mail and then stored offline and encrypted in a database.

    All information uploaded to Nextcloud will also be taken offline and stored encrypted.