Our goals and principles

We have specified our goals in principles for your to undestand better nature of our work.


  • Documentation of police actions
  • Publication of police violence and misconduct
  • Support of victims of police actions
  • Education of the community about their rights
  • Building self-confidence in interactions with police
  • Breaking the political power of the police
  • Developing alternatives to modern law enforcement models
  • Documentation of police actions
  • Make police violence and misconduct a subject of discussion and change.
  • Support victims of police actions.
  • Educate people in the community about their rights
  • Build self-confidence in interactions with police.
  • Break the political power of the police
  • Develop alternatives to the modern law enforcement models that are more focused on restoring community than punishing it.


  • Through transparency and common work of the society we can decrease violence against the population from state institutions.
  • Accountability to community also means that every policeman is responsible for their actions and should be hold accountable in case those actions are considered inacceptable in our neighborhoods.
  • Only independent groups can perform work of controlling the police, as we have seen through years that state institutions are too interconnected to actually start conflict with each other.
  • We are not planning to stop on those rights. We see ourselves as part of the struggle against growth of the repression apparatus and militarization of police forces.
  • We do not cooperate with executive powers.
  • We want to make police violence public and denormalize violent behavior of the police.

Keypoints of our work

Complaint processing

  • Possibility to talk about own experiences free of charge
  • Collection of information from people who don’t want to make official complaints


  • Data collection and evaluation
  • Documentation of individual cases (we document also if people don´t wanna take juristic steps, so get in touch anyways)
  • We as a society will have a better overview of problems by documentating police actions

Public Relations

  • social media and website
  • Pressure on police and ministry of internal affairs in case of violence
  • Contact person for press


  • provide legal assistance, contact to lawyers and councelling initiatives
  • arrange psychological help

Community empowerment

  • workshops: know your rights, empowerment and self-confidence in interaction with police
  • Conflict resolution without police
  • Develop alternatives to the modern law enforcement models that are more focused on restoring community than punishing it.