Police violence City-walk on 17.09.2021, 16:00

The police are omnipresent. Both in public spaces and online, the exercise of their activities is associated with many problems.

Police violence is also part of many people’s everyday lives in Germany. This can be seen in the form of deportations, racial profiling and unprovoked identity checks, in the police’s treatment of BIPoC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color), homeless people, sex workers, soccer fans, anti-fascists, environmental activists, disabled people and people in mental crises.

In the city-walk we want to go to places that are linked to the violent actions of the police. The historical background of the police will be examined in more detail. In addition, we will also address current issues, such as how the police as a political actor influences public debate through social media.

Subsequently, we want to show possibilities how to behave in case of police violence and how affected persons can be supported.

The city-walk will be in German language, and an English translation can be provided, if needed.

The route of the city-walk is planned in a way it will be accessible by wheelchair.

Hard Facts:
What: Police violence City-walk
When: 17.09.2021, 16:00 – 19:00
Starting point: Landgericht (Sachsenplatz, Dresden)
Ending point: Alaunpark Dresden

Stops of the city-walk

  • Landgericht Dresden
  • Innenministerium
  • Albertplatz (Artesischer Brunnen)
  • Scheune-Vorplatz
  • Soziales Eck ( Ecke Louisenstr./Rothenburger Str.)
  • KGP Büro (Prießnitzstraße 20)
  • Alaunpark

The city-walk will take place as part of the Libertarian Days Dresden 2021.
Program of the Libertarian Days: