We need your help!

KGP Solidarit├Ąt

We will soon open an office in the Dresdener Neustadt

We will soon open an office in the Dresdener Neustadt to offer a protected contact point for people affected by police violence.

Since we act independently from governmental structures, we need financial support for the rent. Therefore we are currently shooting a fundraising video, which we want to publish by the end of the year. In the video there will be a “solidarity scene”. Several videos of people will be shown simultaneously for about 10 seconds.

We are looking for people who want to support us and who are willing to shoot a selfie video of themselves in a small frame of about 10 seconds.

What do we need?

Send us a selfie video of yourself, in which you say in a short sentence that you find the goals of the KGP important and worth supporting. (Example: “I think an independent complaints office is really important” ” I would also donate to it” “Me too!)

The video should be about 30 to 60 seconds long and show you how you first just look into the camera.

In the middle of the video you should say your sentence. If you don’t want to say anything, that’s still ok, we can still use your recording, even without speech.

You can then simply upload the video to our website or send it to us by telegram or Twitter:




Thanks for your support!