67 police officers suspended from duty in Bavaria

Bayern Polizei

In Bavaria 67 police officers are suspended.

Munich (dpa/lby) – In Bavaria 67 police officers are suspended. The accusations against them range from drug possession, child pornography to belonging to so-called Reich citizens, according to a response by the Ministry of the Interior to a question by FDP faction leader Martin Hagen. 20 of the suspended civil servants had been temporarily relieved of their duties (as of 01 April).

If a police officer is suspended, he or she may be prohibited from “conducting official business” according to § 39 of the Civil Service Status Law (BeamtStG). Suspicion is sufficient for this.

However, the civil servant can also be temporarily relieved from duty according to Art. 39 Bavarian Disciplinary Law (BayDG). The policeman will then probably be dismissed, he will probably lose his civil servant status or the right to a pension.

According to the Ministry of the Interior, charges have been brought in 25 cases, and seven policemen have been ordered to pay penalties.