Control police work – document police checks!

COVID Dresden

Due to the corona regulations, the competences of the police are greater than ever.

Due to the corona regulations, the competences of the police are greater than ever. But also the new police laws in different federal states, which were passed almost nationwide in 2019, expand their scope of action. This has recently become clear in Bavaria. The TAZ reported several cases in which people were taken into preventive custody, for example because they were sitting alone on a park bench reading a book. The police argue that the person concerned should reflect on his or her behaviour in the cell. That’s how quickly the fears expressed by many critics* during the NoPolG campaigns (NoPAG in Bavaria) have become truth. The argumentation that preventive detention should be used for those in danger is obsolete. Now those sitting on park benches are becoming too much of a problem for this society and are therefore locked away. With all fears for the collective health, attacks on the basic rights already over the top, however this procedure knocks the bottom out of the barrel.

We must not be intimidated by police improvisation and we must stand up for our rights and defend ourselves against such behaviour.

In addition to the actions of the police, many people are also unsettled by the constantly changing regulations, new court decisions and restrictive measures. In fact, the current situation has not been legally clarified and is also classified by many lawyers as unconstitutional. The social situation is emotionally charged and offers the space for acceptance for more and more restriction and surveillance. The police authorities are arbitrarily exploiting their new leeway. How legal this situation and the actions of the authorities are will probably only be verified in a court of law after the crisis.

It is therefore important to show solidarity and stand together against police brutality. This also includes monitoring police work and documenting police checks. For this purpose we have created a new page. There you can find more information and a form to document your experiences

When you are on the street

Pay attention not to act obediently. Be in solidarity with people who are controlled. Many people are insecure with the police, this can also lead to unexpected actions and escalation by the police.

You do not have to reveal your private life to the police. The right to refuse to give evidence to the police still applies!

Are you in the situation that you cannot plausibly explain that you are going for a walk, doing sports, shopping or bringing medicine and food to people in quarantine and you get an administrative fine from the police? Do not panic. A fine must first be sent to you in writing. Once you have received one, you do not have to pay it, but can appeal against it. The best way to do this is to contact

Physical distancing is important, but social interaction is necessary.
We have to defend ourselves against random opression by the authorities.
Keep up the Solidarity!