Controlling police during Coronavirus times

COVID Dresden

Coronavirus is attacking not only our health but our society.

Coronavirus is attacking not only our health but our society. Police got even more rights than before during this crisis. Reports of police misconduct are now popping up on social networks. With fewer people on the streets we have even less possibility to control and resist the aggressive behavior of law enforcement.

To control and fight back police violence on the streets of Dresden we in Sachsens Demokratie created the initiative „Cooperation Against Police Violence“. Within the protests against the new police law in Saxony there were clear demands on independent police control organization. Those demands were ignored by the government so we decided to create our citizen initiative that will collect information and where possible work legally against police violence.

As we can’t meet and talk to you right now we have created a possibility for you to upload videos, audios and photos of police violence or misconduct on the streets of our cities – Please take in consideration that our resources are limited and we provide this service only to report police in Saxon. You can do upload anonymously, but we would love if you can write us at about when, where and what happened.

Keep up the struggle
Cooperation Against Police Violence